Contributed talks YRS

All speakers must send a pdf file with the presentation to the local organizers, at least 2 days before the scheduled talk. A contributed talk in the YRS: 20 minutes for the presentation.


  1. Nicolas Rougerie: Inhomogeneous vortex patterns in rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates (abstract).
  2. Mei Yin: Understanding exponential random graph models (abstract).
  3. Binh Thanh Nguyen: Exponential decay of Laplacian eigenfunctions in domains with branches (abstract)
  4. Jeremy Thane Clark: A ballistic motion disrupted by Bragg reflections (abstract).
  5. Eunghyun Lee: Fredholm determinant representation in the multiparticle hopping asymmetric diffusion model (abstract).
  6. Baptiste Savoie: On the zero-field orbital magnetic susceptibility of Bloch electrons (abstract).
  7. Mathieu Beau: Discrete-Time Path Distributions on Hilbert Space (abstract).
  8. Miguel Arturo Ballesteros Montero: Existence and Construction of Resonances for Atoms Coupled to the Quantized Radiation Field (abstract).
  9. Dirk - André Deckert: Ultraviolet properties of the Yukawa model (abstract).
  10. Maher Younan: Decay of Correlations in a Topological Glass (abstract).
  11. Mikkel H. Brynildsen: On the Verdet constant and Faraday rotation for graphene-like materials (abstract).
  12. Anna Vershynina: Non-equilibrium state of photon cavity pumped by atomic beam (abstract).
  13. Sven Bachmann: Automorphic equivalence and the classification of gapped phases (abstract).
  14. Ian Marquette: Generalised Heine-Stieltjes and Van Vleck polynomials associated with degenerate, integrable BCS models (abstract).
  15. Kenichi Ito: Absence of embedded eigenvalues for Riemannian Laplacians (abstract).
  16. Ondrej Turek: Potential-controlled filtering in quantum star graphs (abstract).
  17. Pieter Naaijkens: Anyons in Infinite Quantum Systems (abstract).
  18. Branimir Cacic: Reconstruction theorems in noncommutative geometry (abstract).
  19. Cedric Beny: Information geometric analysis of the renormalization group (abstract).
  20. Benjamin Landon: The Scattering Length at Positive Temperature (abstract).
  21. Igor Gapyak: Hard Sphere Dynamics and the Enskog Equation (abstract).
  22. Pablo Miranda: Threshold Singularities of the Spectral Shift Function for a Half-Plane Magnetic Hamiltonian (abstract).
  23. Matthias Engelmann: D-wave Pairing and Density Waves for BCS-like Models (abstract).
  24. Silvius Klein: Anderson localization for the discrete one-dimensional quasi-periodic Schrodinger operator with dynamics defined by the skew-shift and potential in a Gevrey-class (abstract).
  25. Martin Bures: Hydrogen Atom in Spaces with Compactified Extra Dimensions and Potential Defined by Gauss' Law (abstract).
  26. Rouven Frassek: From Q-operators to local charges (abstract).
  27. Leander Geisinger: Refined semi-classical asymptotics for the Laplacian and the fractional Laplacian (abstract).
  28. Jeffrey Kuan: Interlacing particle systems and the Gaussian Free Field (abstract).
  29. Mira Shamis: Positivity of the Lyapunov exponent from crude estimates on the density of states (abstract).
  30. Scott Hottovy: Thermophoresis of Brownian particles driven by colored noise (abstract).
  31. Christoph Marx: Analytic quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators and rational frequency approximants (abstract).
  32. Joe P. Chen: Gaussian free fields on self-similar fractals (abstract).
  33. Albert Werner: Recurrence properties of discrete time unitary evolutions (abstract) .
  34. Michael Bishop: Ground State Energy of the Discrete Random Schroedinger Operator with Bernoulli Potential (abstract)
  35. Anders Aaen: An Upper Bound on the Ground State Energy of a 4-Dimensional Dilute Bose Gas (abstract)
  36. Ajay Chandra: Constructing a massless quantum field theory over the p-adics (abstract)
  37. Maximilian Butz: Kinetic limit for a wave equation in a weakly perturbed medium (abstract)
  38. Leonardo Marazzi: Generic properties of eigenvalues and resonances for compact metrics on surfaces with cusps (abstract)
  39. Vit Jakubsky: Supersymmetric twisting of carbon nanotubes (abstract)
  40. Takuya Mine: Upper bound for the Bethe-Sommerfeld threshold in two-dimensions (abstract)
  41. Matthias Plaschke: Deformations of Charged Fields with Anyonic Statistics (abstract)
  42. Sabina Alazzawi: Deformations of Fermionic Quantum Field Theories and Integrable Models (abstract)
  43. Christian Köhler: Infinite spin representations: Geometry and Quantum Fields (abstract)