Operator algebras, exactly solvable models

Contributed talks:

Arvind Ayyer: Boundary correlation functions for the six-vertex model (abstract)

Jon Links: Exactly solvable BCS pairing Hamiltonians (abstract)

Andrew Birrell: Solvability of BEC/BCS crossover Hamiltonians (abstract)

Gandalf Lechner: Thermal Equilibrium States for Quantum Field Theories on Moyal Minkowski Spacetime (abstract)

Hans Plesner Jakobsen: Indecomposable finite-dimensional representations of a class of Lie algebras and Lie superalgebras (abstract)

Adam Paszkiewicz: Projections in Hilbert space, concepts of information, solution to Ando conjecture (abstract)



Amir Moghaddam: A Non-Hermitian BCS Hamiltonian and Generalised Exclusion Statistics

Samira Ala and Assadolah Niknam: C*-Dynamical systems