Quantum field theory

Contributed talks:

Lee Peng Teo: Casimir effect between two compact objects: Mode summation approach (abstract)

Claudio Dappiaggi: Maxwell's equation and general local covariance (abstract)

Wojciech Dybalski: Towards asymptotic completeness for the massive translationally invariant Nelson model (abstract)

Katarzyna Rejzner: Quantization of theories with local symmetries in perturbative algebraic QFT (abstract)

Danilo E. Diaz: Rényi and Entanglement Entropies: some holographically calculable contributions (abstract)

Matthias Westrich: Dynamical Renormalization Group (abstract)



Jens Mund: String-localized massive vector bosons in self-interaction without ghosts and indefinite metric

Igor Khavkine: Characteristic geometry and causality in locally covariant field theory

Michal Wrochna: Quantum field theory in static external potentials and Hadamard states

Wataru Ichinose: On the Feynman path integral on non-relativistic QED with spin

Pedro Lauridsen Ribeiro: The principle of space-time descent

José Amâncio dos Santos: Singularity analysis of string-localized free quantum fields