Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

Contributed talks

Philippe Briet: Weak field response of quantum gases (abstract)

Jean-Bernard Bru: Fermi Systems With Long Range Interactions (abstract)

Tatiana Dudnikova: Hydrodynamic limit for harmonic crystals (abstract)

Tatiana Yarmola: Ergodic properties of some open mechanical particle systems (abstract)

François Huveneers: Perturbation of disordered harmonic chains by anharmonic interactions (abstract)

Takashi Imamura: Replica analysis of the one-dimensional stationary Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation (abstract)

Oskari Ajanki: Transport of energy through long disordered harmonic chains (abstract)

Keiichi R. Ito: Absence of Phase Transitions in 2D O(N) Symmetric Heisenberg Model with Large N, Analysis of Renormalization Group Flow (abstract)

Christian Webb : Normalization of low temperature and critical Mandelbrot cascades (abstract)

Miika Nikula: On Mandelbrot cascade measures at the critical point (abstract)



Alexei Rebenko: Cell gas model of classical statistical systems

N. E. Dubinin: The square-well model within the mean spherical approximation as a reference system in variational calculations for liquid metals

Oleg Gendelman: Nonstationary heat conduction in one - dimensional models with substrate potential

Yutaka Shikano: Cleverest Maxwell's demon

Olena Sazonova: The Continual approximate solution of the Boltzmann equation

Flora Koukiou: The entropy of the mean-field spin glass model

Anton Trushechkin: Derivation of the particle dynamics from kinetic equations: a new view of the reversibility paradox

Masafumi Fujimoto: Moduli of Equilibrium Crystal Shapes and Critical Phenomena