Quantum mechanics and spectral theory

Contributed talks:

Andrea Sacchetti: Resonances in twisted quantum waveguides (abstract)

Batu Güneysu: Hydrogen type stability problems on non parabolic manifolds (abstract)

Alain Bourget: Density of States of Jacobi Operators (abstract)

Valentin Zagrebnov: On the Trotter-Kato product formula for unitary groups (abstract)

Ram Band: Riemann-Siegel trace formulas for the spectral determinant and vacuum energy of quantum graphs (abstract)

Wolfgang Spitzer: Spectral concentration estimates for Schrödinger operators on trees (abstract)

Jacob Stordal Christiansen: Spectral Theory on Parreau-Widom sets (abstract)

Naomasa Ueki: Wegner estimate for Gaussian random magnetic fields (abstract)

Aleksey Kostenko: Weyl-Titchmarsh-Kodaira theory for Schrödinger operators with strongly singular potentials (abstract)

Alexander Gordon: A class of random operators with continuous spectra (abstract)

Peter Otte: Anderson Orthogonality Catastrophe (abstract)



Vicente Said Morales Salgado: Supersymmetric partners of the harmonic oscillator with an infinite potential barrier

I.Yu.Popov: Spectral problem for branching nanostructures

Evgeny Z. Liverts: About disposition of energy levels

Yury M. Zinoviev: Causal electromagnetic interaction equations

Witold Wiszniewski: Imaginary numbers as quantum-like superposition states

Stephen Low: The maximal symmetry representation of quantum mechanics

I.V. Blinova: Impurity on the surface of nanoparticle: bound states and catalytic activity

Keiichi Kato: Wave packet transform and its application to Schrödinger equations with sub-quadratic potential

J. Dittrich: Scattering through a straight quantum waveguide

Diana Barseghyan: Spectral analysis of Schroedinger operators with unusual semiclassical behavior

Michal Jex: Attractive delta-coupling and the ground state of quantum graphs