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Kenichi Kamijo: Fractal Structure Analysis in Discrete Dynamical System Using Local Fractal Dimension - An Application to 3-Dimensional Logistic Orbit

Georg Kopsky: The development of Modern Mathematical Physics - The early (I)AMP from 1972-1976

Anuj Kumar Jhankal: Swirling Jets of Conducting Fluids In the Presence of a Transverse Magnetic Field

Vladimir I. Semenov:  The 3d Navier-Stokes equations. Invariants, local and global solutions

Yoshinori Kametaka: The best constant of discrete Sobolev inequality on the smallest Carbon nanotube

Kazuo Takemura: The best constant of discrete Sobolev inequality on Mobius ladder

Florica Ioana Dragomirescu: On local instabilities quantification in swirling flows with applications in turbomachinery

Mykhailo Semkiv: Propagation of Lamb wave in elastic waveguides with crack

Óscar J. Garay: Clamped elastica in 3-space forms

Nasrin Sadeghzadeh: Solitons of Finsler Ricci flow

Alain Bérard: Dynamics of an Anomalous Relativistic Spinning Particle in Electromagnetic and Gravitational Backgrounds

K.C. Pati: Embedding of hyperbolic kac moody superalgebras

Naoum Daher: Leibniz's Intrinsic Dynamics: from Principles to Theorems