Quantum many-body theory and condensed matter physics

Contributed talks:

Douglas Lundholm: Local exclusion and Lieb-Thirring inequalities for intermediate and fractional statistics (abstract)

Serena Cenatiempo: BEC for low dimensional interacting bosons (abstract)

Robert Sims: On Localization in Random Oscillator Systems (abstract)

Jani Lukkarinen: Kinetic theory of the Hubbard model: a Boltzmann equation with a twist (abstract)

Walter de Siqueira Pedra: Microscopic Foundations of the Meissner Effect - Thermodynamic Aspects (abstract)

Ioannis Anapolitanos: Long range behavior of van der Waals forces (abstract)



Shuji Watanabe: Temperature dependence of the solution to the BCS gap equation for superconductivity

Giscard Pierre-Louis: The walk-sum and path-sum methods for simulating quantum many-body systems

V.I. Gerasimenko: Heisenberg picture of quantum kinetic evolution