Quantum information and computation

Contributed talks:

Igor Bjelakovic: Quantum Stein's lemma, entropy inequalities and Lieb's concavity theorem (abstract)

Frank Hansen: Convexity of quantum information functionals (abstract)

Jukka Kiukas: Characterization of informational completeness for covariant phase space observables (abstract)

Michael Walter: Eigenvalue Distributions of Reduced Density Matrices (abstract)

Maarten Van den Nest: Efficient classical simulations of quantum Fourier transforms and normalizer circuits over Abelian groups (abstract)



Gisbert Janssen: Quantum state merging for compound quantum sources

Alexander Pechen: Recent advances in the analysis of quantum control landscapes

Luc Vinet: Quantum State Transfer on a 2-Dimensional Spin Lattice

Bindu A. Bambah: Non-Linear Polynomial Algebras and Quantum Entanglement

Antonin Hoskovec: Protocols for state transfer, with perturbation

Iva Bezděková: Grover walk and its deformations preserving localization