Contributed talks/posters ICMP12

A contributed talk in the ICMP12: 15 minutes for the presentation;

E-poster: The contribution will be viewable on a large screeen, and each congress participant selects the presentations she or he wishes to see.

All speakers must send a pdf file with the presentation to the local organizers, at least 2 days before the scheduled talk. For accepted e-posters, the presentation must be submitted by August 1, 2012.


1. Dynamical systems, classical and quantum

2. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

3. PDE and general relativity

4. Stochastic models and probability

5. Operator algebras, exactly solvable models

6. Quantum mechanics and spectral theory

7. Quantum information and computation

8. Quantum many-body theory and condensed matter physics

9. Quantum field theory

10. String theory and quantum gravity

11. Reaching beyond: Mathematical Physics in other fields

12. Other topics